(Co-)founding Online Businesses and Building Them Into Market Leaders



It all starts with a “disruptive idea”. As an entrepreneurial investor, we turn ideas into solid business models and recruit the right people to form an efficient task force which develops the idea into a successful business. For this, we bring three crucial factors to the table:

Sustainable funding

We provide our ventures with a seed investment which enables them to reach the proof of concept and proof of technology stages. If necessary, we’ll even inject fresh capital again. And if we deem it strategically beneficial, we’ll engage additional investors already in early stages. Later on, in order to finance further growth, we’ll make use of our network of successful international venture capitalists who subscribe to the same global orientation as our investment management companies.

Team building

While funding is undoubtedly crucial for an idea to turn into a successful business, we know money is not everything: you need a fantastic team. The team’s chemistry has to be just right. The members need to be qualified and motivated, they have to complement one another and cooperate smoothly. We know the importance of this from experience with our own businesses, so we make sure that this is also a given for new start-ups.

In order to give newly founded businesses a jump start, we have gathered a team of specialists at TruVenturo: we have experts in IT, development, online marketing, HR, finances and law. They support the young companies especially in the beginning and step in wherever teams are still incomplete. Moreover, they accompany our ventures throughout their further growth process, set benchmarks and keep checks on those benchmarks; this way, we ensure a challenging, yet supportive environment.

We have high standards not only when it comes to our own team but also regarding the selection of new teams for our ventures: we recruit rock stars. We want those who are ten times better than the average, those who surprise us and teach us new things every day – only with them in the team we’ll rock the project. For this reason, top graduates from renowned universities as well as the best talents from successful Internet start-ups and international business consultancies form our companies.

Serial Entrepreneurship

We want our venture teams to stay focused on the essentials, not wasting time making unnecessary rookie mistakes. Therefore, we pass on our experience and knowledge which we gained from setting up numerous businesses ourselves. Since this works best in an open and fair environment, we make a point of creating and nurturing such an atmosphere.

Our collaborations always aim at building up independent companies. So, right from the start on, we leave the business management in the hands of qualified entrepreneurs and spur on the development of independent company structures. We are not an incubator and do not plan on becoming one.

We focus on sustainable, long-term development of a few hand-picked businesses. We see it as our job to take on the role of an “enabler” in early stages and to provide operational support during the growth phase – this way, business ideas can be realized more quickly and globalized faster. For this goal, we provide the teams with experience, funds and entrepreneurial enthusiasm. At the same time, we think it’s also pretty important that we impart our commitment to performance, efficiency and team spirit.

TruVenturo Team

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TruVenturo Portfolio

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Our holdings are constantly evolving. Consequently, we’re always looking for people who enjoy working in a team turning a good business idea into a great one/making a great business idea even more successful.

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